by Evan Viola

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released February 25, 2015

All music written, recorded, mixed by Evan Viola



all rights reserved


Evan Viola

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Track Name: Jetman
our history repeats
we are enlisted into the fleet
we're listening to the beat
of a marching drum

existing amid apathy
our resistance is skin deep
they say, "Reach peace in the middle east,
there's war to be one. So go get your gun."

ignorance is bliss
so I can't hear you screaming at me
as if I'm not happy

esoteric head
where did you learn if you can't stop it
then just turn a profit instead?

right before the calm before the storm
(we're stuck cornered by a qualm and nothing more)

I wanna be as rugged as a jet man
Track Name: Farm Hands
farm hands please don't ask me
where I've been 'cause it aint been very far

wrapped 'round my head like a vine
and in my bed wasting time

headed to the shore to go sailing
it's hard to get to one destination
when we are as dizzy as the wind

fear of drowning kept you dry as July
now you're hearing the sound of
everybody go by in the dark
lifting their anchors in

one at a time

(walked right into it knocking my heels together
she said, spinning heads, I'm a spinning head again)

across the ocean in a bottle like me
I lost most of my thoughts and finally could see
and breathe

turned me off
turned to someone else
believe me, you should see these
cards I've been dealt
regardless each heart fell

one at a time
Track Name: Temper
go outside and I'll be ready to go
I might be trying to take everything
that I can get my hands on
caught up in a tantrum
around town they found out
so I'm ducking down

told you I wanted to be invisible
I also want to be listened to
like some crying phantom
tell me what to stand on
so that I can shout loud enough now

all of my friends
can talk underwater
find me at home
trying to hone my temper

call it a godsend
she gave birth to daughters
I'm birthed a son
the only one who's got a temper

she sees clean
crooked as they come, straighten you out
flee the scene
look back once, but make no sound

you're learning how to cauterize
turning 'round the daughter of your bride

take your hand with plenty of time
make you pay a penny for the ride
are we there yet?
are we aware of our rights?

born and raised in a womb tomb tie
bred to so tightly sleep at night
levitating in a sedated kind of life

(tell me what to stand on to shout loud enough now)
Track Name: Cradle
could we all hit the lights before we go?
crawl to fall, a bite to lick the bone
and we call it a culture
when war with the future
is all that has grown
we're so cold and alone

cradle, are you able
to make a radio
with aims to...

call it a culture,
a war with the future
let everyone know
we're so cold and alone

the occular rift's causing me to trip
not because I'm lost but because I forget

(maybe I fell)
I play the cinema sound
to get away from the dark
I try to save some time
seeing the city alive
I want to know who you are
maybe I could be your friend
maybe I could be your lover
and we could see each other again